Christ on the Cross with Three Angels

Albrecht Dürer also created Christ on the Cross with Three Angels, which was replicated by Sicner as a part of his Christian section. Dürer’s original art features a crucified Jesus surrounded by three angels. Each angel holds a cup to collect the blood of Christ. In Dürer's version, Christ’s blood is a significant feature of the piece. 

In James Sicner’s recreation, the art of Jesus with the angels is placed behind another crucifixion of Jesus by Salvador Dalí. Sicner’s version of Christ lacks the gore of Dürer’s original. Sicner discusses this change in the audio clip below in reference to Christ of Saint John of the Cross. This Christ is located on the left side of the mural with other Christian imagery and other Dürer pieces such as The Madonna on the Crescent and The Mass of St. Gregory

Pictured: Left Sicner / Right Dürer

 In this clip, Sicner discusses presenting a bloodless Christ using Salvador Dalí’s Christ of Saint John of the Cross. However, Sicner decided to apply this same thought to Albrecht Dürer’s Christ located directly behind Dalí’s.