Moses Breaks the Tablets of the Law

Gustave Doré also created Moses Breaks the Tablets of the Law as part of his Bible illustrations series. The original art features Moses breaking the tablets after the disobedience of the Israelites. Lightning strikes over him as the people cower in fear. This original piece was also a part of Doré’s bible illustrations with other works such as  The Dove Sent Forth From the Ark and The Confusion of Tongues1

In James Sicner’s mural, Moses Breaks the Tablets of the Law is recreated to feature only Moses and the lightning. Instead of rock, Moses stands on artwork of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. To the direct left lies Doré’s The Confusion of Tongues, creating a background of Doré biblical art. Moses faces toward other Christian art in his original orientation. 

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Pictured: Left Sicner / Right Doré

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